Nikonos V 35mm Film Camera - with Sea&Sea 15mm Lens


Fully serviced and pressure tested Nikonos V camera with Sea & Sea 15mm 1:3.5 lens.

The Nikonos V is the go to film camera not only for free-divers and scuba divers, but for every adventurer in all types of terrain. This is the Nikonos V underwater 35mm camera with Sea & Sea 15mm 1:3.5 wide angle prime lens, pressure tested to 40 meters / 130 feet. The Sea & Sea 15mm lens are made for underwater use only.

Nikonos cameras are all weather, underwater, adventure cameras. They produce outstanding results in all climates. Whether it be the ocean, mountains, snow, or desert, this camera features a heavy metal body and fully sealed compartments to protect every shot from the elements.

Nikonos cameras are high maintenance cameras. This is why we have a fully operational servicing and pressure testing station designated just for these cameras. Each one has been completely disassembled, with all O-ring seals and surfaces cleaned, and all camera mechanisms fully inspected and tested. These cameras pass an extensive inspection and pressure testing process, and are certified to depths of 40m / 130ft.

The Nikonos V will ship with new batteries installed, so all you need is to load film and you're ready to shoot!

Condition - Very Good