Nikonos Strobe Pressure Testing Service and Annual Maintenance


Pressure testing service for the Nikonos SB strobe light kit.

Nikonos cameras and strobe lights are high maintenance equipment and Nikon suggests an annual maintenance schedule to ensure proper functionality of these items. We have a fully operational servicing and pressure testing station designated just for Nikonos units. Each strobe light will be subjected to an extensive inspection and pressure testing process, completely disassembled, with all O-ring seals and surfaces cleaned. Any damaged O-rings will be replaced and each strobe light is pressure tested to 40 meters / 130ft.

Prior to testing we will provide a free evaluation to ensure your Nikonos unit is capable of passing inspection and pressure testing. If any major damage is found or major parts are needing replacement that does not fall within the scope of our standard service, the customer will be contacted immediately with an updated quote. If in the rare case the equipment is deemed unrepairable, sometimes due to extensive salt water damage, the items will be returned to the customer and a full refund will be processed.

After placing the service request, the customer will be contacted with shipping instructions and return shipping address verification. The service lead time is 3-5 days from delivery to our facility.