Grading System

Excellent ~ The camera body is in like new condition, with minor imperfections due to use. The camera lens is in like new condition with only minor imperfections noticeable upon close inspection.

Very Good ~ The camera body is very good cosmetically. Very minor scratches or wear. Few noticeable defects to the camera body or lens. May have very small amount of dust in the viewfinder or lens.

Good ~ The camera body and lens body may show signs of wear, light scratches, or light discoloration. There may be some specs of dust in the viewfinder. The lens may have some small imperfections or dust particles.

Bargain ~ There may be heavier wear or light damage to the camera body or lens that does not affect the functionality of the camera. There may be dust/stains in the viewfinder or lens elements that do not affect the image quality.

All cameras are 100% functional, and any defects will not in any way affect the function of the camera or quality of the image. If any of our cameras fail the functional test or cannot be calibrated within acceptable limits, they are not sold.

Inspection Process

1. Visually inspect physical condition. This includes lens mount, shutter, film back, dials, aperture rings, viewfinder, battery contacts, and mirror box.

2. Insert battery, check LCD or diopter display. Verify light meter readings to a calibrated light meter.

3. Load test film, verify film advances properly and film counter works.

4. Verify proper shutter speeds at every setting, including the bulb setting. Ensure the shutter opens completely at all speeds. Verify all manual and automatic settings are fully functional.

5. Inspect all lens elements for defects using a bright light.

6. Adjust and inspect aperture at all sizes, to ensure aperture blades are free of oils.

7. Verify focusing ring is smooth and focuses to the minimum and maximum range.